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Torre Santa Susanna, in the Messapian territory a few kilometers from Brindisi, is a small town nestled in a very fertile plain with a very long agricultural history. Historically, Primitivo Doc di Manduria, Negroamaro and the noble Salento Extra Virgin Olive Oils are produced here.

Of significant tourist interest, Torre Santa Susanna enjoys a strategic position with equal distance from the two important seas that bathe the Apulian coasts: the Ionian and the Adriatic. And it is precisely the influence of these two seas that gives the products their peculiar note of uniqueness.

As the story goes, love for the land, tradition and spirit of self-denial have been passed on from father to son to the young Maria and Antonio Cervellera.

Past and present merge into an entrepreneurial unicum. The wise conservation, tradition and balance according to nature, drawing on modern techniques and new forms of doing business, capture the sense of success. All this, wisely fused, gives body and thickness to the products of the CERVELLERA FARM.

Our Cultivars

CEVELLERA Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is obtained through cold pressing (25 ° / 27 °) from olives from two native Apulian cultivars: Cellina di Nardò and Ogliarola Salentina.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "SUN" - Cellina di Nardò

It is a cold produced oil from olives coming from centuries-old trees of the "Cellina di Nardò".
The oil has a golden yellow color and free acidity of less than 0.6%.
Medium fruity taste of almond accompanied by fruit and vegetables and with persistence of spicy.

Pack 6
Dorica bottles 250, 500 e 750 ml.
Tinplate container 3 e 5 Lt.

Olio Extra Virgin Oliva Oil "LIVE" - Ogliarola Salentina

It is an oil produced from centuries-old olive trees of the "Ogliarola Salentina".
The oil has a golden yellow color, with greenish reflections and an acidity of less than 0.5%.
Medium fruity olive taste accompanied by other fruit with persistence of a light spicy and bitter.

Pack 6 Dorica bottles  250, 500 e 750 ml.

Tinplate container 3 e 5 Lt.